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Mark Johnson Plumbing, Inc.

Mark Johnson Plumbing, is indeed one of our best Plumbing Contractors that we have ever used. Mark is not only a very professional plumber, but he understands our clients needs and can deliver the best result for those needs. Mark Johnson Plumbing also is very reliable and dependable. These are probably the 2 most important traits we look for when we enter into a relationship with contractors.

Because we are talking about Plumbing, this is probably one of our most important Sub Trades that we have in our arsenal. What we mean is, when we speak of plumbing, we are speaking of "Health" and "Sanitary" issues or problems with your home. When it comes to complying with codes on all levels, all inspectors always take 3 main categories in mind when performing any inspection. Plumbing basically falls under all 3.

You can be rest assured that when Mark Johnson Plumbing is on your job, the job will be done correct!